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Good free programming courses online and for beginners

We’ve decided to compile this resource for people that want to learn to code but don’t know where to start.  In this article you will find short reviews of some of the most popular programming and computer courses available and appropriate for newbies. Programming is nice goal and you don’t need to enroll in an university to learn it. Following some of these free courses can help you in your goal to become a programmer.  There are many programming languages and most of the sites listed here offer courses on more than one. Almost all of them emphasize on web programming or has it in their list.

 List of sites offering good learning courses you can follow and get experience in programming for free:

Programming goals

Codecademy offers good interactive learning for beginner programmers and its free. Interactive learning is very helpful and better than simple video tutorials as it helps you improve faster and learn from practicing. Although some claim that their examples are too easy and basic, I think that you need to start with the basics and improve gradually so they are great start in a programming career.

In Codecademy you can learn HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript(JQuery, AngularJS and React.js), SQL, Java.

Free Code Camp
FreeCodeCamp can teach you basic and advanced programming and also gives you the chance to help some nonprofit organizations while learning. You start with basic HTML and CSS, later learn about Bootstrap, JavaScript and JQuery and then dive into advanced lessons. Its great experience and it helps you improve while solving some basic problems. Its interactive and you need to write the solution right into their site or for some of the projects use Codepen platform.

FreeCodeCamp teaches you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Databases, DevTools, Node.js, and Angular.js.

Coursera is great platform to learn anything – from programming to marketing, science and medicine. Coursera works with many universities and other organizations to offer online courses, specializations and degrees in many subjects. You can find some great programming courses there – Java, Android programming, game programming, game design, and much more. This platform for learning is one of my favorites, and the courses are free. If you want a degree you will need to pay but the knowledge is free so its totally great for low budget newbies.

Although edX is not fully free there are some great free courses that you can follow. You can learn many programming skills and the courses are very interesting to follow – of course it depends on the university that offers them. You can learn Programming basics with C/C++, or choose Programming with C#, Data Science, Python, Programming with R, and many other interesting courses. Its great resource for beginners or advanced if they want to improve their knowledge. And the courses are professionally made from universities and with students in mind.

MIT OpenCourseware
MIT OpenCourseware is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and it consists of MIT educational materials from its courses online. Its free resource with many learning materials and courses available online. More than 2000 courses are available for you to learn on many different topics and programming is just one of them. You can learn programming basics, different programming languages – C/C++, Java, Python. Also there are many advances programming topics that you would want to know.


Udemy is great online learning platform with many courses. Most of the courses are payed but you can find some decent free ones too. Also you can search the web for free coupon for the course you are interested in.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is non-profit educational organization that offers many great learning courses and video materials for learning. There many other topics not only programming and the courses are great and interesting. You can learn HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Algorithms, Cryptography.

Code School
Code School has mostly paid courses but they are great material for learning.

This is great resource for web developers. Here you can find some great stuff and useful walkthroughs.

The Odin Project
The Odin Project has some great free resources for beginner programmers. Here you can learn Web Development, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.

I hope this list is good enough for you to start learning or improve your programming skills. There are some great materials and if you are persistent enough after some thime you can be an expert web developer with great salary and skills.

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