WordPress fast tips: How to delete WordPress theme

WordPress is amazing and fun content management system, easy to manage and work with. In our WordPress  fast tips section we will discuss some easy tricks to achieve certain actions.

Deleting WordPress theme is not obvious for new users but its not difficult to do. Here are the instructions to do so in an easy way:

In WordPress admin open Appearance Menu – > Themes

If the theme that you want to delete is the active one you need to choose another one to be active. You can not delete the active theme.

Hover your mouse over the theme you want to delete and select Theme Details

When the Theme Details are opened you will see Delete button. Hit it and an confirmation dialog will appear. To delete the theme you need to confirm – hit ok.

That’s it, the theme is deleted.

Here we need to mention that there are other ways to delete unused themes Рfor example through FTP. In that case you need to delete the exact theme folder that is located in the themes directory /wp-content/themes/ .

Anyway if you want to experiment with WordPress you need to have a recent backup in case that something go wrong.

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